Silver Cross Scottish Dancing Group

The Statistics page lets you find out what dances we have done, when, and to group them by various attributes. So for example, you can find out how many Drewry dances we have done over a period, or how many four-couple dances, or which are the most popular non-core dances.

The first part of the page lets you filter the output in the following ways:
  • Tempo: select reel, jig, strathspey, medley or all.
  • Bars, e.g. 8x32, 7x32 and so on.
  • Format, e.g. 3C(4C set), Sq. set, including some rather more unusual formats.
  • Core dances: select core, non-core or both.
  • You can also select by devisor, or by organising club.
  • and you can select the date range (default is the current season).
  • You can order by two different fields, either ascending or descending.

Click on Update selection to refresh the data.

Each column has an intelligent heading. If you click on the heading, you can collapse that column; click again and it expands. So if you collapse Dance and Devisor, you can see how many dances of each tempo, bars, format and core/non-core have been on the programme within the date range of your filters. For example, you might have a list of dances including Muirland Willie, Hooper's Jig and Jubilee Jig, all of which are three-couple jigs danced in a four-couple set, deviser unknown. If you collapse Dance, these will all be grouped together as Jig, 8x32, 3C (4C Set), core dance, deviser unknown, but the number of instances will now be the sum of the number of each of the three dances. So if you want to know which is the most popular dance deviser on our programmes, select number of times on programme desc for the first ordering, deviser for the second and update. Then one after the other collapse all the headings except for deviser. The answer of course is John Drewry, by a long way. Play games with this and see what you get. (Note: if you change the filters and update the selection, all of the headings are expanded.)

If you want to see the full history of any particular dance on the Silver Cross programmes, click on the dance name. The details will open up in a new tab.

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