Silver Cross Scottish Dancing Group

The Core Dances page lists all of the Silver Cross core dances, which comprise the bulk of the programmes. Each programme of 22 dances should include at least 17 from the core dance list. This page is best viewed full screen.

The dances are listed in three columns: Reels, Jigs, and Medleys/Strathspeys. Against each dance is the number of times it has appeared on the programme (since October 1998) and when it last appeared.

By default the dances are listed in alphabetical order, but by using the dropdown boxes and clicking on Update list you can change this to order by the number of occurrences or the most recent (last) occurrence, in either ascending or descending order. So if, for example, you want to know which of the core dances have been least used, you would select number of occurrences, asc. If you want to know which have not been used for the longest period of time, you would select last occurrence, asc.

Note for programme devisers: Do not feel obliged to put a core dance on your programme just because it has not been danced for a while. If it is felt that some of the core dances are no longer popular, the core list can be changed.

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